This adventure, like many before it, begins in a tavern, a bar to be more specific. To be even more specific a bar, called Puzzles. Why Puzzles you ask? Well, that’s the puzzle isn’t it? It was in a hidden back room that three men came together. Three men came together with plans to make enough money to buy a planet.

Who were these three men, with these grand designs? The first is The Count; Victor Blackwall, owner and operator of Puzzles, student of magic and seeker of knowledge of the twisted madness that is the old gods. Next is The Hunter; a man named Orion, trained on Earth by a secretive cabal of assassins, who left his home world for Veroth seeking to escape a powerful enemy. Finally, The Exile; an Atlantean who, through mysterious circumstances, left his advanced civilization behind him to live on Veroth where he met the other two heads of Cerberus.

The three heads began the process of building a criminal empire. They knew the work would be too much to bear on the three of them alone, so they began recruiting allies The first to join was The Allure; Annabelle Lockridge, a tomboyish noble who wields impressive magical strength. Next was The Nameless; Bic, a hacker who can talk his way into or out of any situation. Then came The Face; Dominic Masters, who knows the city like the back of his hand. Together they will raise the banner of Cerberus high.

The Rise of Cerberus

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