Ralph Tauren


Ralph Tauren is the owner and head designer of the Ralph Tauren line of clothing. He has won many awards with his designs and the popularity of his clothes has left him a very rich minotaur. His latest fall line showed a lot of bold colors and warm fur jackets, emphasizing function while maintaining a high fashion standard.

In his spare time when he is not designing clothes in his shop he is working out or running in his multi-million dollar home gymnasium. On his private estate is a 30,000 square foot gym and parkour track. He opens his gym to friends, relatives and several lucky Verothian elite, by invite only. Many wealthy individuals have tried to buy their way in, but Ralph maintains that his gym is a place for friends, not a public gym for anyone with money.

The only thing Ralph loves to do more than design or lift, is party. He is a legendary party animal and has been known to go off the deep end. This has led to multiple DUI’s, drunken disorderly conduct and public urination charges. He now only travels by limo with his driver, Akiko Hayami, a former Earthen police officer who does her best to keep him in line.

Ralph Tauren

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