The Rise of Cerberus

A Tale of Two Staches

Dominic Masters was a night owl. He spent most of his nights carving his own path through the city, so after helping his friends in Cerberus keep an eye on Johnny Slim he couldn’t sleep. Orion found himself in a similar state. He was vaguely unsatisfied with last night’s excitement having missed out on the fights at the club. The two of them were in Puzzles having an impromptu throwing knife contest and thoroughly destroying a dart board in doing so. Out of the corner of Orion’s eye he saw a man speaking with Raven Hickson one of their regulars who was enjoying the hookah bar. This wasn’t out of the ordinary, Raven was a very attractive woman. Men and women approached her often, but this time the look on her face was that of fear.

Once the man left Orion put the game on hold and went to speak with her. Raven was hesitant to speak on the subject but eventually relented. Orion and Victor had only ever been nice to her and she knew there was more to them than met the eye. It turned out the man, Xavier Tortellini was blackmailing her. She told Orion what she could of the situation but preferred to keep the nature of Xavier’s information private. Orion decided to help then and there. The remainder of the team was still sleeping off last night’s mission, but he figured one man shouldn’t be too much trouble. Enlisting the help of Dominic the two headed to the back room and prepared to put an end to Raven’s problems. Dom pulled out his disguise kit and immediately checked his supply of fake mustaches. There were plenty available to them. The two smiled as they surveyed the wide variety at their disposal. They each chose a fitting stache and got to work tracking down Xavier.

Their first stop was a dive bar called Warden’s. Dominic checked the exterior, circling the building then climbing up onto the roof. It was there that he spotted a small imp. He had an aptly sized tablet, with a movie playing on it. The imp was too busy tossing the device into the air and catching it instead of watching. Dom notified Orion of the situation. Orion headed into the dimly lit bar. It smelled of stale beer and fryer grease. It was busier than usual but that was due to The Swashbuckler’s game on screen. None of the patrons even looked away from the screen when Orion sat at the bar. The Hunter smiled seeing Johnny scoring his second goal of the day and ordered an Old Lady Haymaker and took a sip.

Orion finished his drink and spotted the man they were looking for. Xavier was wearing a long black leather coat and mirrored shades. He was hard at work typing on his laptop. A tablet was on the table as well. Orion discreetly made his way passed Xavier hoping to glean some information off the screens. The War of Ten Kings was the article he was reading. Orion filed this information away but his movements unfortunately tipped Xavier off. Realizing what was happening their quarry packed his things and headed outside. Before the two mustachioed adventurers could react Xavier was on a sports bike. Two imps landed on his shoulders then took cover inside his coat. The man opened the throttle and zoomed away.

Not one to be outrun, Dominic led the chase. He took to the rooftops and followed. The trail led them to a bad part of town. Three buildings stood near one another, the two Cerberus members approached cautiously. There were many people milling about the area, they questioned them and quickly learned about a major drug production operation Xavier was leading. They paid the man for the information who claimed he would be using it to clean up his life. Knowing that this was a job for more than two men, they headed back to Puzzles to hang up their mustaches and prepare for a fight.



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