The Rise of Cerberus

A Touch of Class

Annabelle was relaxing at Puzzles smoking a hookah when her phone rang. It was her mother. She looked at her phone and sighed. She knew what it was about. Her presence was required for her father’s award ceremony this evening. She hated fancy events like this. All the strict rules and proper behavior. She sighed, left the hookah behind and tossed the gold it cost to Cecelia who waved goodbye.

Upon arriving home she we greeted by Francois the Lockridge family Majordomo. He shuffled her up the stairs to her room, she was much later than expected and now they were going to have to rush in order to be on time. Annabelle was told to shower and clean up while Tracy, her maid laid out her outfit and prepared everything she would need to do the girl’s hair. Annabelle was dreading having to deal with all the stuffy boring aristocrats tonight and decided that perhaps a curve ball was in order. She leaned out of the shower pulled out her phone and scrolled to the name Dominic Masters.

Dom was in his element, he practically flew across the rooftops of Capital City. Music blared through his headphones as he leapt from one building to the next soaring through the air. He was just catching a grind wire when his phone rang. He hit a button on the side of his headphones and answered. Annabelle was inviting him out to a fancy gala? After confirming that there would in fact be food at the event he agreed. He got her address and hopped to the nearest building heading to her home.

Francois was not expecting the call when a the guard monitoring the front gates called him to say there was a young man here asking for Annabelle, saying he was her date for the evening. He smiled though. Perhaps she was finally taking her station seriously. When he opened the door however and saw the young ruffian before him he sighed deeply. He nearly shut the door, but it was his job to serve, not judge. Mr. and Mrs. Lockridge were in the den awaiting their daughter. He brought Dominic to Mr. Lockridge who greeted him rather curtly. Since he doubted his daughter could be deterred from her set course Mr. Lockridge instructed Francois to find him something suitable to wear to the gala.

The limousine ride was a tense affair. Dominic did his best to make friends with the Lockridges but winning them over was slow going, even the adorable antics of Dom’s pet mouse Rutherford weren’t making much headway. Upon arrival Dom and Annabelle waited in the foyer while her parents were announced and sent to their seat. Her father was received warmly, the gala was in his honor after all. Directly after them Annabelle and her escort Dominic were announced. The reception seemed more polite than anything else but Annabelle, who detested such events, ignored it.

For the unlikely pair, the party was enjoyable, Annabelle’s father received his award and the dinner was delicious. The pair danced and was having a good time until while stopping at a food table Annabelle was confronted by a group of young nobles. Twin sisters Ivy and Estelle Caldwell and their current boyfriends Duane and Brandon. Estelle, like the two men with them were members of the Verothian military. Ivy on the other hand was a skilled pilot and flew in stunt plane competitions. There had been a longstanding rivalry between Annabelle and the girls not to mention Duane had tormented Annabelle since primary school. Annabelle told the four of them off and did her best to ignore them. Dominic sensing her discomfort intervened and began blatantly hitting on the twins.

The party went on without much incident. Dominic did his best to be the life of the party to the point of even pulling out his quarterstaff and orchestrating a limbo contest. To the surprise of many of the rather proper individuals present couldn’t resist the young man’s charm and began to participate. While he was distracted however Duane cornered Annabelle. He started talking with her and suddenly knocked down an expensive vase. When all eyes turned to them he quickly blamed the shocked girl. With no one to speak on her behalf, Duane was believed and the damaged vase was blamed on Annabelle.

The humiliated girl stalked away to the bar where Dominic found her later. To take her mind off of things he started to order drinks at which point a young knight, Sir Lanternjaw approached them. He boasted of his strength and thus Dom threw together an impromptu arm wrestling competition. Dominic was taking bets and putting all his money on the powerful knight. They were getting drinks and making money until a shadow fell over them all. They turned to find a nine foot tall Minotaur hulking over them. Ralph Tauren famed fashion designer and prime tabloid material was willing to play. Dominic still decided to put his money and his faith in Lanternjaw but his hopes were dashed when the man was all but thrown across the bar by the massive man. Tauren laughed and didn’t make Dominic pay up, instead he bought a round for the bar.

As the party winded down Dominic and Annabelle went outside with their new friend Sir Lanternjaw to get some air. There they were once again accosted by Duane. This time he was there with his friends from his unit. Knowing when to fight and when not to fight Dominic just talked some trash at the bully before him and they left without incident. While everyone was leaving a large limousine pulled around the front of the building. The massive form of Ralph Tauren leap from the sunroof. Declaring that the after party was going to be taking place at his home. He refused to give the address saying that if they wanted to come to the party they would have to keep up. He nodded to his driver, a young woman, of a nationality they didn’t recognize who was pulling on driving gloves with a smirk on her face.

Duane looked at Annabelle, his motorcycle, arrived driverless at his side. He pulled on his helmet and revved the engine. Ivy’s stunt plane hovered overhead slowly readying to land on the lawn. Dozens of others were excitedly readying their vehicles for the massive race through the city streets. Sir Lanternjaw stopped next to Annabelle, his majestic white warhorse whinnied rearing up on its hind legs. He reached down and pulled her up, the reigns tightening in his hands. Dominic looked back at the assembly of riders and drivers, smirked and clicked his heels together. Wheels popped out the bottoms of his enchanted boots and he slowly skated beside the limo. Despite the laughter he knew he would have no problem keeping up. The moment Ralph roared go, Dominic reached out and grabbed hold of the Minotaur’s massive horns. He trailed alongside the limo itself before making it onto the hood himself.

The chase was on. Most of the inexperienced racers couldn’t hope to match the skills of Ralph’s driver. Akiko Hayami was former Japanese police officer who had a vast amount of experience racing cars. She would ensure that only those worthy would arrive at her boss’ party. Ralph and Dominic were having the time of their lives on the hood, Ralph was holding onto the hood ornament while Dom’s boots kept him stuck to the surface. They spent the race laughing and taking selfies. Behind the limo however things started to take a turn. Spellfire erupted between Duane and Annabelle, mostly harmless rays to slow each other down, but at the speeds they were going things could get bad quickly; luckily Duane backed off.

Once at the party Annabelle was loath to discover that Duane had made it there anyway. Ivy had been following overhead and simply relayed their destination. The party was going well until in the back gardens Duane, who was now quite drunk made some rather offensive remarks to Annabelle. Now not surrounded by his military friends and far away from the judging eyes of the nobility Dominic was at his tipping point, he took off the fine suit jacket, tied it around his waist and with a furious flurry of blows proceeded to decimate Duane in front of dozens of onlookers. The fight lasted all of five seconds. Having had enough for one night the two decided to head home. Dominic brought Annabelle back to her family’s estate and disappeared back into the welcoming night air.



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