The Rise of Cerberus


Victor was in his office, seething in anger. He eyed his adversary and fought down the urge to send a lance of pure energy through it. No… If he did that, he would just have to buy a new printer. He gritted his teeth and once again tried to clear the paper jam. His phone rang. Thanking the gods for the distraction he saw it was Jean Ralphio. Knowing he was calling about a job he messaged the rest of Team Cerberus to meet him at Puzzles.

Jean Ralphio hadn’t heard from a friend of his in a couple of days and Emarka commonly worked with some of the nastier gangs in the city. Blackmail, and other secret dealings was commonplace for him. Jean Ralphio began worrying so he decided that Cerberus would be able to not only check up on him but probably get a job from him while they were there. Two birds, one stone. He transmitted the coordinates, Trinity Towers apartment complex.

After meeting at Puzzles the group headed off to their mission. They arrived at the Trinity Towers complex and were quickly detoured into some of the fancier restaurants and bars. Annabelle was recognized and she told the bartender to put their order on her father’s card. The detour ended quickly enough, Dominic wanting to return again afterwards, and the team headed to the elevators. They waited until there was no one in sight and Bic hacked the elevator’s cameras. He set the camera to loop footage of the empty elevator. Now invisible to tower security, the team got inside. Bic overrode the elevator’s key card system and allowed them to travel all the way to the top to the penthouse suite.

Victor and Orion were still on the lower levels keeping an eye on security. Once Bic arrived at the top floor he gave them the all clear and sent the elevator back down to them. The penthouse room appeared to be immaculate. A bowl of fresh fruit looked tempting, a fancy candelabra was burning on the kitchen table and it smelled of fresh baked pie. There was no sign of Emarka through the glass but with several doors beyond there was plenty of places that he might be. One by one they entered the penthouse where they learned of the true horrors within.

As soon as Dominic crossed the threshold the world around him darkened. What was once a pristine room was now a blackened charred wreck. The fruit Dominic planned on swiping was rotten and crawling with bugs, the candelabra now looked to be made of black twisted metal burning green flames and Emarka was dead at the table, blood splattered all over the cloth. He turned and immediately saw, instead of the glass doors he had just walked through, soot covered black brick walls. He was trapped. Tentatively he made his way through the area. Luckily it wasn’t long before the rest of the group began to walk in as well. While now he had allies to aid him, they were subsequently trapped as well.

While exploring the group was suddenly ambushed by a pack of imps. They had the amazing ability to phase through the solid ground or ceilings and had begun trying to grab at them. The imps were quickly killed but this didn’t solve their problem of being trapped. Bic assuming imp blood and other harvestable reagents would sell on the black market began collecting the bodies of the little monsters. Sadly the group was making no headway into their escape. Worse yet was after slaying another imp, shortly thereafter its body dissolved into nothingness. Bic quickly checked the container he had stored the bodies he’d collected; they were gone.

Annabelle could tell the candelabra was highly magical. She also saw black blood drenching the two candles which weren’t lit. Between her and Victor they deduced what needed to be done. Cerberus quickly took the dead imps and splashed their blood against the lit flames finally dousing them. Orion explored further into the apartment when he was ambushed by three imps. The three were a flurry of claws, wings and stingers and before long Orion fell to his knees succumbing to their poison. Dominic rushed to his aid dispatching the remaining imps. They quickly healed their friend before using the remaining blood to douse the flames.

Once all the fires were out the doors and windows were no longer blocked but the room was still a burnt out husk of what it once was. Bic took the magical candelabra and they hunted around the apartment for anything of value before quickly making their way out. The police would be able to take it from here, they didn’t need to be caught at the scene of such a crime.



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