The Rise of Cerberus

The Raid

Dominic Masters and Orion arrived back at Puzzles and rallied the group. Many of them were still tired from the previous night’s adventure but the prospect of taking down, or even taking over an established drug ring was too tantalizing for Cerberus to pass up. The crew geared up and made their way to Xavier’s building. They arrived with the intent to take over the building. Orion led the way in ignoring the building’s many occupants. The people inside mainly ignored the group as well save for the few who asked for money or drugs.

Making their way up the stairs they spotted cameras which watched the halls. Their approach was no longer a secret but Orion stabbed a knife through the one at his back, then strung an arrow and let loose a masterful shot destroying the one at the other end of the hall as well. It was here on the second floor that the first wave of enemies made their presence known. They flooded out of a security room but fell quickly to the overwhelming skill of Cerberus.

After dispatching the cameras on the third floor the group saw several crystalline structures growing out of the floor and ceilings. These turned out to be mephits, bound to the defense of Xavier’s building. Though there were many mephits Cerberus eventually won out. Halfway down the hallway however Dominic was grabbed, and pulled into a large security room. The room was actually three apartments wide and held a great deal of security equipment, but also a large number of guards. Xavier’s men were well armed and Dominic was in trouble. He managed to wrestle his way free and get back out the door, but Orion decided to charge back in. He kicked the door open and leapt inward firing his bow as he did. The guards were now ready and behind cover. Orion’s foolhardy move was met with a hail of gunfire. Annabelle rushed in lending her magic to the fight and Dominic returned into the room.

They were able to defeat those inside but Orion was badly injured. He took a moment to catch his breath and drink down several healing potions before they were able to continue. On the next floor they found several guards and a half dozen more mephits waiting for them. Still winded from their last encounter, Annabelle took charge and went a much more tactful route. She rendered herself invisible and snuck down the hallway until she was right on top of the pack. She let loose a gout of fire into the unsuspecting group decimating them right off the bat. A few arrows from Orion and the hallway fell silent.

On the final floor there were no more apartments only a large security door and a guard room beyond. Cerberus decided to forego the door and punched a hole in the glass opting to enter that way. The area beyond was shielded by a heavy plastic that went from the ceiling to the floors to prevent vapor from escaping the large scale manufacturing process. Beyond the curtains were massive tanks with all manner of warning labels on them several guards were furiously loading any remaining drugs into a van which was seated on an elevator lift on the north wall.

Cerberus snapped into action but the resistance up to this point were simple thugs and summoned mephits. These men were hardened security forces and Xavier himself. Bullets and spells flew back and forth while men in lab coats dove for cover shrieking about the unstable chemicals. Luck was on everyone’s side as no one managed to set anything off lest the whole building go up in smoke. Dominic made his way through the combatants squaring off against Xavier himself. As the final blow was dealt Xavier fell forward into an overconfident Dominic. In his death throws the warlock smashed his circlet into Dominic’s face giving him a small scar over his eye.

Surveying the area Orion took charge. He spoke with the scientists and the surrendered security team and declared through right of conquest that he was taking over the building. No one was willing to dispute his claim fearing for their own lives. Orion destroyed all the drugs that they had been trying to flee the building with and retired to the highest floor. He secured the room and began to make the building his own plotting to put the facility to use.



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